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How to choose the hinge

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The hinge is the hardware installed on the cabinet and the door panel, which is what we often call the hinge. It bears the weight of the door panel. The hinges that are not closed can easily cause the door panel to deform and cause the cabinet opening and closing. From the shape, high-quality hinges and low-quality hinges There is not much difference. The only difference is to observe its thickness. Inferior hinges are generally made of thin iron sheet welding, which has almost no resilience. If it takes a long time, it will lose its elasticity, causing the cabinet door to close tightly and make the noise too loud. Large, greatly affect the performance and beauty. Good hinges are formed by one-step stamping of alloy, with thick handle and smooth appearance. Because of the thick coating on the surface, it is not easy to rust, is stable and strong, and has strong load-bearing capacity. The price of high-quality hinges and low-quality hinges may be several times different.
The hinge hardware in the selection also needs attention. Basically, the hinge can be distinguished from the following aspects. Hinges and concealed hinges are the key to furniture, because hinges are switched on and off more than 10 times a day on average in everyone’s life, so the quality of a hinge depends on how good you can be. 1. The performance of the switch knows that the hinge is a function, so This is very important. Guan Jian takes the outer spring and inner spring of the hinge, and the rivet assembly spring is a spring leaf, and the inner spring is a spring strip. It must go through a certain amount of heat. Too hard and easy to break, too soft to close the door without force. Save the purchase of low-priced spring accessories, which leads to failure to close well or spring breakage and the door panel falls off. Tips: When buying hinges (except hydraulic hinges), close the hinges manually and listen to the sound of the hinges. Is it crisp? It is clear and dull, which proves that the spring strength is not enough and the material thickness is problematic. Is there any looseness? The looseness proves that the rivet is not tightly riveted and is easy to fall off. Close and close several times to see that the indentation in the cup is not obvious, which proves that the thickness of the cup material is problematic and easy. 2. Screws: Generally, the hinges come with two screws, which are all adjusted up and down, forward and backward. Some newer hinges also have left and right adjustments in the so-called three-dimensional adjustment hinge, usually with two adjustment stations. The small hole wire cutter uses a little force to adjust the up and down adjustment screws three to four times, and then screw them to see if the teeth of the hinge arm are damaged. The hinge arm is formed of iron material. It is not as hard as a screw. There are cases where the thread is easy to slip or cannot be screwed due to insufficient precision during factory tapping. The front and rear adjustment screws are also similar to these measurements. 3. Surface: Check whether the surface material of the product is flat. If you see a cut shape, it is produced with scrap (offcut). This kind of hinge has an ugly appearance and makes your furniture without grade. Surface: Most of the hinges are nickel-plated, but now due to the savings and cost reduction, only a thin layer of nickel is plated on the positive hinge should also be plated with a layer of acid copper before the nickel layer, which can prevent rust well. Tips: teach Everyone has a way to tell if there is any: If you don’t object to it, you can use art to draw a knife to see if you can see the yellow copper layer. There is another way to look at the inside of the hinge cup. The general hinge goes, and here is also The most difficult part to be electroplated, black water or iron color is visible in the cup, which proves that the electroplating layer is very thin, and there is no. If the color and luster in the cup are close to other parts, it will pass.

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